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Fanny Lambotte is the founder of London-based independent live agency, Bilboquet Booking and former freelance head of music at Sound Diplomacy.  

Originally from Brussels now based in London, Fanny is bilingual (fluent French and English) and has established strong working networks in numerous European territories. She has had the good fortune to work with a list of established and emerging talent from all over the world and has shown a great flare in introducing and presenting new, foreign talent in major cities such as London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Cologne.  

A natural extrovert and genuine, open-minded person Fanny is first and foremost a music lover. She is turning her attention to artist development services and will focus her efforts around live performance in some of London’s most popular venues. This is where the Those Damned Artists  journey starts. The ability to expand an artist or band’s network, the immediacy of live engagements and the ability to invite industry personnel and media is what will drive these campaigns. The company’s mission is to work to establish the client in a sought after, foreign territory so that new opportunities arise and the trajectory of the artist's career continues to rise. 




Fanny will operate for the team of your campaign as your London representative. This will entail engaging with industry personnel leading up to the show and introducing industry professionals and media to your music and securing these people as guest list attendees.


Confirming and advancing of one or more shows in London in partnership with local promoters.



Please get in touch for further information, if you would like to meet us or get a quote for our service.

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