Tips and Tools to connect with industry professionals

The Interactive Workshop

Our founder, Fanny Lambotte, keeps facing the same questions from young artists: "How do I know who to get in touch with?", "What should I write in my emails?", "Where can I find professionals email addresses?".

This workshop is for anyone that would like to start working in the music industry or for young artists feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the industry ins and outs and does not know where and how to start their journey.

Fanny called it an interactive workshop because she wanted to create something different than the usual conference concept. The idea here is to give practical tools and help the participants to find the answers to their questions. Most people have all the answers, they just do not ask themselves the right questions. Fanny's main interest is to help people build their journey with efficient and practical tips and tools that they will be able to use throughout their entire career.

Why us? Fanny is self-taught and has worked as a freelance in the music industry since she started in the music industry in 2013. She had to find her way to the professionals and has built a wide network throughout the industry globally. She now counts some of the most influential and important professionals as strong allies.

If you have questions, please refer to the leaflet or email us if you would like to book this workshop